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Stephanie Fung (they/she) is an interdisciplinary performance artist and arts worker from Tkaronto/Toronto who is fascinated by the concept of convention and how we contest culture. They are currently a recipient of the 2022 Metcalf Foundation Performing Arts Internship.


Recent artistic credits include: As a former fat kid (Nightwood Theatre); The Makers & Shakers Society (Radioland Media); Collider (Single Thread Theatre Company); The Intangible Queer (YIKES a Theatre Company); In This World (Theatre Count); paper SERIES (5th Company Lane); and Concord Floral (Theatre Kingston) ​

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I was born into grey area and that is where my sense of self was constructed. My background as a child of divorce queer Chinese-Canadian artist lends to the protean and proactive nature of my practice. A performer, writer, director, and theatre critic—I am drawn to themes of monstrosity, consumption, exposure, and grief.


“Theatre of the future” is what I’ve always tried to make my present. At university, I felt like I had so much catching up to do and zero room to fail, but without an expectation of what theatre was supposed to be, I had to construct that for myself from the ground up. I am particularly influenced by artistry that is indulgent, subversive and counter-cultural such as punk, Dada, drag, Chinese Lion Dance, performance art, and surrealist humour. To me, live performance is rooted in personhood and all the unexpected ways it can be revealed. The spaces I create for myself are only established and maintained in order to invite others in.


I am catching fire as an artist and thinker within the national theatre ecology. This year alone has seen my second publication with the Canadian Theatre Review, and an internship in executive direction with Canadian Stage through the Metcalf Foundation. I have a history of collaboration with TO Fringe, Nightwood Theatre, Single Thread Theatre Company, YIKES!, and the Kingston Theatre Alliance. A graduate of Queen's University, I was recognized for my dedication to advocacy with the Fred Euringer Award, William Angus Award, and the A.E. MacRae Award in Creative Leadership, which I am continuing as the Secretary of Cahoots Theatre’s Board of Directors.


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